Top Wraps (Vehicle Signs)

TOP WRAPS showcase a very important part of our Ornate business, aside from the Signage and Branding elements produced by Ornate we also pride ourselves as a TOP vehicle branding and Wrap company.


Advertising 24-7-365 days is the sort of moving media that any business would love to have. We take our vehicle branding seriously from vinyl decals (stickers) to semi wraps and full wraps, utilizing the TOP quality materials available within the trade to create a long lasting branding to your vehicle.

Our Team of designers are able to design full renders in order to give the client an idea of the finished look.

Designs created for cars, bakkies, trucks and taxis to create moving full colour adverts.


Not only do we wrap vehicles as a means of advertising to boost your brand and company images, we also WRAP vehicles in TOP quality Matt and Gloss Colour finishes to your vehicle a new, fresh and classy look. We do this correctly by disassembling various parts of the body to ensure that the vinyl is applied in as far as possible & not allowing the original colour to visible.

We recommend using AVERY or 3M vinyls for these colour changing applications. AVERY & 3M have a very wide variety of colours available as well as having the best products available for vehicle wrapping in our opinion.